What Should You Know About ASHI Standards Practice for Home Inspections?

Home inspectors play an important role if you’re planning to buy a home. They are professionals who help buyers make informed decisions about the home they plan to buy. Homeowners can determine the true condition of the property and consider different pros and cons related to the same before making a purchase decision. If you hire an ASHI inspector before purchasing your next home, you can expect a high home inspection standard.

Are you unaware of the role of home inspectors? An ASHI home inspector can provide a professional home inspection report that adheres to the ASHI standards’ technical points and code of ethics. By choosing an ASHI inspector, you can ensure that you’re working with professional inspectors and will get the best results.

What are the ASHI standards of a home inspection?

The ASHI standards for home inspection are reviewed and updated regularly, keeping the current changes in mind. If hiring an ASHI-certified home inspector, you can expect a higher level of training and professionalism than inspectors without this certification.

Hiring an ASHI-certified home inspector will check the house’s condition but also examine hundreds of components of the house before documenting the current condition of the property.

The inspection reports submitted by ASHI home inspectors are full of suggestions that the inspector provides to the probable home purchaser. The inspection report not only provides helpful information to negotiate your purchase, but also critical life safety information and ongoing maintenance suggestions to protect you and the value of your home.

These are the list of components that ASHI home inspectors inspect.

  • They check the structural, framing, and foundation conditions of the homes.
  • They check the condition of the walls, ceilings, floors, steps, stairways, and installed appliances
  • They also measure and check exterior doors, attaches porches, decks, walkways, and driveways
  • ASHI inspectors carefully examine high-ticket items like Heating, Cooling, and ventilation
  • They check and put suggestions to the home purchasers on the condition of electrical and plumbing systems
  • They also check the roofing systems, drainage, condition of the chimneys, and exterior and interior wall structures.

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