Mold, Mold, Mold — It’s Everywhere

Mold has become a high profile issue over the past few years as homeowners and insurance companies wrangle over the veracity of health issues and the responsibility of cleaning up mold problems.

In an unusual case in Texas, a jury awarded a homeowner a million dollar settlement for damages from mold found in their home. For obvious reasons, this has gotten the attention of everyone involved in the real estate transaction process. Currently, there is no agreement among health professionals on what levels of mold are acceptable in a home. However, most homeowners acknowledge that the potential risk of mold-related health problems warrants special attention and action.

Excess Moisture is the Primary Cause

Mold requires a food source (building materials like wood or drywall cellulose) and water or moisture. By eliminating the source of moisture (water leaks, excess humidity, condensation, etc.) you can stop mold from growing in your home or building. It’s that simple. Preventative maintenance is the key. However, finding water/moisture entry points and sources can be very complicated.

Thorough Inspections Help Identify Moisture Intrusion Problems

Nearly every state licensure standard of practice and national standard of practice excludes inspecting for the presence of Mold or any substance that may be harmful to humans from the scope of the home inspection. Your BPG Inspector will be actively examining the property for moisture and damage associated with water intrusion in the home. Please feel free to discuss moisture concerns with your inspector and ask if there are any specific tests that the inspector can perform that go above and beyond the scope of the general inspection. When moisture-related problems present in a home, we believe it is important to treat these concerns seriously, but also in a manner that helps our Clients keep things in perspective. Clients should always research the history and cause of the moisture intrusion and ensure the problem has been property corrected so that no further damage is occurring. In many cases, homeowners can safely clean mold from the building surfaces on their own and make simple repairs to prevent further moisture intrusion. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says:”If the mold area is less than about 10 square feet (roughly a 3-foot by 3-foot patch), you can handle the job yourself.” Remember, it is important to eliminate the cause of mold rather than simply clean or mask the problem.

When is a Specialist Needed?

While mold is an important issue and may be a health concern for certain individuals, it can often be remedied without major expense or inconvenience. When signs of extensive mold are found, however, a professional should be consulted for proper remediation. In addition, should a homeowner or potential homeowner have specific health-related concerns mold testing can be conducted to determine the types and quantity of mold spores — although no official standards have been established for unsafe levels. The EPA has guidelines for cleaning mold, but also suggestions about how to prevent the problems in the first place. For more information about mold please reference the EPA website.

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