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TREC License # 25300

Keith has been involved in commercial and residential construction for 19 years in Austin Texas. He ran his own Decorative Concrete business and found a passion for construction which eventually landed him at Champions School of Real Estate where he received his Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector License # 25300.  He received his field training from experienced inspectors on BPG’s Austin Team.

Keith is known for complete and comprehensive inspections and conveying information to his customers in an easily understood manner.  He resides in south Austin amongst his family and friends and enjoys playing guitar, riding motorcycles, and enjoying the outdoors during his time away from work.

All of Keith’s inspections include:

  • 90-Day Major Component Guarantee
  • $10 Million in E&O Insurance Which Extends to the Referring REALTOR
  • Our Superior Service Guarantee

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Keith has done inspections for my clients before and he's always professional, friendly and helps buyers understand the property their about to purchase

I am glad you double checked the electrical and sprinkler system.