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Here you are, ready to make a huge purchase, for some of us, the biggest investment you will ever make. Well you have made the right decision on choosing a home inspection and by allowing me to inspect and give you an unbiased report, representing you the buyer. I will look in the crawl space, navigate through the attic, scale the roof, and comb the house looking for those hidden costs that can surprise you if not gone through properly. Then give you a thorough itemized report with pictures of the findings. I not only look for deficiencies, advise of home maintenance as well. I will also give you a room by room walk through after I complete inspection explaining all my findings and give you the opportunity to ask questions. I have been a consultant for 25 years, am a business owner, and fanatic on my approach. Please allow me to earn your business right. Contact me with any questions you may have either prior, during or after inspection.

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Bill is very professional and really good at explaining the report and answering any questions buyers may have.

Bill was extremely professional and thourough. Great job!

Bill Arellano is awesome. He was extremely patient with my client and went through the inspection with him. He was very thorough and the inspection was easy to follow. He's my go-to inspector moving forward.

Bill did a fantastic job from start to finish. He spent about 20 minutes on the phone with my client prior to the inspection to make my client feel comfortable, he was extremely diligent and clear in his reporting of issues, and he even made a custom, modified version of his report specifically for our needs in negotiations.

Bill goes out of his way to present information in a clear, simple way in order for the buyer to feel confident in his findings. Bill is the only inspector I want to work with in this company.

As usual, my clients felt Bill and the report were detailed and informative, which made them feel much calmer walking through the process.

Very thoroughly and you have state of the art equipment

Bill is always very thorough and explains the report and findings to my clients in detail. It makes the inspection process much smoother.

And Bill did a fantastic job with the inspection, as usual. He's thorough and is available to explain any finding in detail. Those traits are why I continue to refer Bill to my clients.

Bill was so thorough and informative. He took a lot of time after the inspection to explain all of his findings, his methodology, and even give me some really great home-maintenance tips. I would use him again and recommend him to anyone I know who was looking for an inspector.

As always, Bill was thorough and clearly explained the deficiencies.

Can't say it enough...Bill is the man. My clients were very happy that he insisted they be present for the inspection so he could explain everything to them. It made everything much calmer and clearer for them and I.

Bill makes sure my clients show up and he takes the time to describe to them the process and the level of concern over each finding -- that's unique to the industry and helps my clients have a more complete understanding of a report that usually overwhelms buyers.

Bill was excellent ,customer loved him

Bill is very good at explaining the findings to the buyers and is personable

Bill Arellano is one I am keeping on my contact list. He is absolutely the best.

Bill called the Buyers who are in another time zone, after Texas business hours, and explained the inspection results to them. this is very appreciated. As usual, Bill also did a very thorough inspection.

as always, Bill's written explanation was easy to understand

Bill is very thorough and explains the results in a manner buyers can understand

I am always completely satisfied with Bill, he is always on time, professional and always makes my clients feel comfortable with what can be a stressful experience. I always recommend him to both clients and colleagues.

Bill is fantastic!

Bill is the best home inspector which is why I keep using him for all of my investment property purchases.

Bill was the best inspector ever!

Bill is so wonderful wish all were of his quality.

Bill is the best!

Great job!

Wonderful inspector. thank you

Fantastic job!

Wonderful home inspector. Bill is fantastic.

Great home inspector!

Bill Arellano is the best home inspector I have found. Thank you Bill!

The Inspector, Bill Arellano, was extremely thorough. His report was succinctly detailed with corresponding pictures. I will definitely request Bill for future home inspections! Thank you!

This home inspector is the best in the business. Thankyou.

Great Job

Bill Arellano did an extremely thorough inspection, answering my questions and explaining everything very well.