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very satisfied with Mr. Teto Toledo, he was very professional and was easy to understand, informative and forth coming with the explanations I needed made it easy to understand with detailed solutions on how the house was needing this that or the other I really enjoyed the time he took to go over everything I had questions on and how he explained it and I would recommend him to my family and friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Teto always goes above and beyond!

Teto Ramos did a GREAT job.

I am very happy with my most recent inspection using BPG. I like that BPG always has people availabe to do an inspection, even in a short time notice. This time I requested Hector Teto Toledo because I had worked with him before and I was so impressed with his work. Love that he is proficient in english and in spanish because I have many clients that feel more confortable speaking spanish. Hector is very professional and charismatic, he gives clients peace of mind.

The inspector was courteous and provided a very thorough report on our new build construction.

Excellent customer service!!! As a realtor, I'll continue to keep BPG inspections on my list of referrals. Thank you Lisa Ann with Vortex Realty

I'm always very satisfied with the service provided by BPG, with whoever inspector I select, but specially Teto it's very professional, punctual, communicative, always ready to respond, always available to answer any questions that clients or myself can have. I'd always recommend BPG, and always would recommend Teto. Thank you

Teto Toledo, is so knowledgeable and professional and he always makes sure that there are not questions answer to my clients.

Teto did a thorough and amazing job. My clients were very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Highly recommend him!

He was very thorough in the inspection. Very patient as we followed him around asking questions. Very knowledgeable.

You were recommended by Rick Tankersley

Very happy with the inspection details, explanation and report.

Hector Toledo Jr was great to work with, my clients were impressed as well with his knowledge.

Very thorough and timely, Hector was very knowledgeable and explained in detail about any concerns I had. Very polite, courteous and professional

I had worked with BPG Inspections a few times, their techs are very professionals and are always ready and willing for an inspection.

Mr. Toledo Sr. and Mr. Toledo Jr. were very professional and knowledgeable and provided insight to the various areas of concern as well as physically showed us those areas. They answered all our questions and also advised on how to proceed with resolving said issues (i.e., contractor).

Hector was very thorough and was willing to take the time to explain and answer my numerous questions of items found during the inspection.