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TN Licensed Inspector #1307
MS Licensed Inspector #0641NHHi! I'm Paul Schalebaum: Having been in the remodeling business for almost 20 years in the Northeast and here in the Memphis-Northern Mississippi area, I've seen and worked on a wide range of construction projects. I specialize in New Construction inspections including in Mississippi which requires several specialty licenses. Don't be fooled by the NEW label. Sometimes new construction has more Defects than older homes. Even the best builder can have an occasional sub-standard contractor or someone having a bad day who makes a mistake. So schedule your New Home inspection today you'll be glad you did.
I learned early on in another vocation that we all eat with our eyes first. That being said, a fresh coat of paint and new roof go a long way in attracting your eye, but it can also hide a lot of things. That's why you hire a trained professional like me. I look at every inspection as though I were the buyer from every accessible outlet, every door, every drawer, the entire visible electrical and plumbing system, all Heat, and A/C components, walls, floors, ceilings, windows, the attic - all of the "Bones" of the house. I want to you to know it all. Even if there's a light bulb out, I want you to know. Then it's outside and if I can see it I report it. EVERYTHING is inspected here as well, from the topography of the land to the top of the house and everything in between. For instance: I will note estimated age of the roof and how many layers of shingles are on the house? The average 1600 sq ft house with asphalt shingles has the equivalent of a medium-sized elephant in weight on the roof. Now you can save some money when re-roofing and "Layover" the existing roof, but now you have 2 elephants on your roof. Cracks start showing up in walls, some doors are now out of alignment - cause and effect.

If it's a Saturday or Sunday inspection you need, just check my schedule and see if I'm available.

PAUL was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Paul is a great inspector. He is very thorough with clients and takes great care to explain to first time home buyers. Paul has excellent customer service with everyone involved.

Great Job!

Great Job, truly a professional. Exceptional job done.

Paul is fabulous and very through with his inspections. My clients always are very impressed with him

Inspector was very affable and professional. I would definitely recommend him.

It was very insightful and Paul was great at explaining things. Overall I was quite impressed

We were extremely happy with our inspector Paul! He was very thorough with every detail of our house. After he was finished he sat down with us and went over every detail of the inspection. We appreciated the time he took with us to explain everything we had questions about. And our report was ready in just a few hours. Thanks again Paul!

Paul did a great job.

I just like to add that Paul is very professional and open to answer any questions you may have for him.

On yesterday Paul performed a home inspection for my husband and I. He was very generous and respectful. He did a tremendous job. He explain everything that he found that was a concern. He also took pictures and plenty of them at that so you could visually see what a home owner might would of missed. He answered all my questions and offered a hand to call him if I thought of any more questions. I got my home inspection report the SAME DAY! I'm telling you all that this guy is very talented, hard