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Investing in a home could be an overwhelming and stressful experience, it was for me years ago, reason why I take a personal approach to home inspection putting myself in the buyer's shoes while providing as much information for them to make a well-informed decision. Although by nature a visual inspection has limitations, I do my best to inspect those hard to reach areas not visible to the average buyer/client: roofs, attics, crawlspaces, taking pictures to illustrate the condition of the house.

For buyers, I highly recommend you request a Home Inspection the moment you open Escrow and include repairs on the Contingency Documents. For Sellers, requesting a pre-listing inspection and addressing important defects (health & safety) will prepare your home and expedite the selling process the moment you put it on the market.

My Background & Experience:

· California State Polytechnic University Pomona, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering; Dec 1998

· California Registered Professional Civil Engineer; January 2007 – June 2021

· 15+ years of experience in the construction/land development field designing civil infrastructure projects and compiling detail reports.

· 7+ years of Home Inspection experience.

· 3,000+ Inspections: Residential, Condo, Multi-Unit Apt’s, Light Commercial, Light Industrial

· American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Associate Member

· The ASHI School Graduate, April 2015

· I follow ASHI Standards of Practice

· I abide by ASHI Code of Ethics

· Ah, tambien hablo español

Horacio was thorough and professional with his work, showed up early, delivered on time, and was pleasant to work with. He also made himself available for buyer and agent questions. Thank you for a great job Horacio! Looking forward to more inspections in the future!