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I specialize in structural inspections for residential and light commercial properties. I have been completing these inspections since 1997 and have completed over 12,000 inspections. I have been and employee of Cincinnati BPG Home Inspection Services since 2004.

I am a Professional Engineer in , and . I have a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the . I had spent over 20 years in commercial construction management working on various sizes of properties, including the second floor addition for Tri-County Mall.

I have written several informative articles that have been published in the local community newspapers. I have been on television seven times, including with John Matarese with Channel 9 News and Paula Toti and Howard Ain of Channel 12 News. If Howard Ain has a question on structural issues for a property, he calls me for assistance.

The second most enjoyable part of my job is giving Cincinnati BPG Home Inspection Services clients the most accurate and cost effective methods of repair for structural problems. The most enjoyable is advising our clients that often there is no significant concern and no reason to pay for expensive repairs. We don’t do the repair work, but we will provide engineering designs that contractors can bid from, get a building permit and complete any work that is necessary. Also, the homeowner will have a record of the repair work when they sell the home.

For more information, please refer to my website: http://www.engineeringandfoundations.com





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It’s Mike job area. I have no clue....I can save his life...I am medical.

No checkbook suicide here! Mike Montgomery saved us over $50K. In addition he is a thoughtful teacher after the Socratic method. Fun to work with & back to "the basics" of residential structure. Rap on M & M! 01/23/2020

All my questions were answered and extra details were given.

Mike was efficient and we received the report the same day. Very pleased.