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"Thank you" for visiting my profile page. Along with my qualifications noted below, I have over 15 year’s experience working as a contractor performing home repair's and remodeling. My past experiences and formal training afford me the opportunity to work with home buyers who may be "literally" making one, if not the biggest, purchase of their lives. I’ve been an inspector with BPG for 11+ years and it has been the ultimate career choice. I truly love my job and take my profession and responsibility very seriously by understanding the fears and uncertainties of the home buying process. My inspection process is methodical and thorough, inspecting the home as if I were purchasing it for myself. My purpose is not only to inspect the home, but to make sure you, my client, has a clear understanding of the conditions found during the inspection.

The home's systems are explained in easy to understand terms, not a bunch of technical jargon. I strongly encourage my clients to follow along during the inspection so that we, not only see any potential issues, but to make sure questions/concerns are addressed. Questions, no matter how many, are truly welcomed! My reports are easy to read and understand (color photos included) which is really helpful during the negotiation process. My services don't end there! "Once my client, always my client"! As long as you own the home, I'm always available for questions.

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Office: 1 800 285-3001
Email: jsmith@bpgwi.com

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  • ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Certified Inspector # 247458
  • Missouri Licensed Termite Inspector # N5164
  • National and St. Louis ASHI chapter member in good standing
  • Illinois Licensed Home Inspector

Johnnie did a great job. When he found out that I was a first time home buyer and was interested in understanding what he was looking for, he went above and beyond and explained everything as he was inspecting it and answered all of my questions and made sure that I understood everything.

My inspector Johnny Smith was very professional, thorough, and attentive to myself and my client.

Jimmy inspected my soon to be home, he answered all my questions and ensured I understood Jimmy was very nice, patient and very well informed. Thank you Jimmy

Johnnie is an excellent Inspector. So very trustworthy and thorough. I would recommend him to anyone purchasing a home.

I have used Johnnie Smith for the last three of my clients. I appreciate his professionalism, the ability to keep the client calm, and his sense of humor. I will always recommend him!

Inspector was thorough and kept the buyer updated every step of the inspection .

The inspector was thorough in doing the work and it was greatly appreciated for his transparency.

Mr. Johnny Smith was very patient with my client and I. He explained everything to us and showed us everything he was doing. We both really appreciated him. His calming voice made my client's nervousness subside. He was very thorough.

Thorough and detailed inspection as always. Buyer was appreciative of the clear and detailed report. Buyers were confident with the property because they had complete clarity regarding the condition and were not overwhelmed because of the clear explanation of the issues.

Best inspector ever. We left with clarity.

Another detailed inspection with Johnnie Smith. Great experience at an older rental property. Buyer was very happy with the clear explanation of the issues.

Another consistently thorough quality inspection.

Though this investment property needed substantial repairs and had considerable issues, the buyer left with confidence and clarity around what it will take to get the property in shape. Another great inspection with Johnnie Smith.

First time buyer had her questions answered in detail. She left with confidence around home maintenance and understood the items of concern on the home inspection report. I really appreciate the organization of the report into Action Items and Consideration Items. I also appreciate that Johnnie doesn't forget to put things on the report that were found during the inspection, he takes notes on a clipboard as he inspects. Consistent detailed reports with thorough information.

Another family ready to move forward with confidence and clarity around the condition of their new home. Thank you again

Thorough and complete inspection. Buyers were happy with the care and explanations from Johnnie.

Buyer felt very confident about her home purchase after the inspection. She went into the inspection with a few questions and left feeling very confident about her home purchase. She knows what repairs are needed and the severity of the issues. Thank you Johnnie for another great experience.

lots of information

Johnnie Smith was incredibly thorough, detail-oriented, patient, and informative, and he had a really quick turnaround on the report.

Great inspection, buyers are satisfied with the information shared.

My inspection was phenomenal!! My inspector Johnnie was very professional, very thorough, very knowledgeable and reviewed every item on the inspection with me and my agent, whether there was an issue with the item or not. He was very nice and welcomed All my questions. And I had a plethora of them. Not once did he seem bothered with me asking questions. I was very pleased with Johnnie and I want you to know that he is an Asset to the BPG team. If I could give him 10 stars I would.

As always, a great inspection with Johnnie. He answers the buyer's questions thoroughly, helps provide clarity about the condition of the home and teaches about home maintenance as he goes. Every buyer thanks me for referring such a great inspector.

Johnnie Smith is consistent and reliable. He uses a checklist and doesn't miss anything! My clients love his calm and patient demeanor. He knows all about working with first time home buyers AND luxury buyers. Johnnie is the best Inspector.

Another great inspection with Johnnie. He finds the items that need addressing and coaches the buyers about home maintenance and repairs. Another happy confident client! Thank you again

Another great inspection with confident and informed clients thanks to Johnnie Smith. Love how he carries a checklist and takes notes throughout the inspection. I appreciate how he returned my call promptly and sends the reports in a timely manner. Johnnie answered the buyer's questions thoroughly and explained about how to take care of future home maintenance. Thank you for another quality inspection.

As always, happy buyers who are confident in the purchase and management of their new home. They understand the repairs and maintenance needed in their future home. Thank you Johnnie for the great inspection as always.

Another great inspection with Johnnie. Happy first time buyers feeling confident they can handle the repairs needed for their new home! Thank you for everything.

Another great inspection with Johnnie. I will continue to recommend Johnnie for many reasons: he is punctual, accurate, helpful, friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and approachable. Another set of happy first time home buyers!

Another great inspection with Johnnie. Young first time buyers feel great about their purchase, despite some repairs being needed. Love the thorough report.

Excellent inspection as usual. I was not able to attend and there was a language barrier with my clients. Even with the language barrier, the buyers came away from the inspection feeling confident and educated about their future home. As usual, Johnnie called and shared the important Action Items about the property. Thank you for another great inspection.

Johnnie Smith delivered another great client experience. I appreciate the time and patience he consistently gives to my first time home buyers. The buyers felt great about the inspection process and the house even tho some issues were found. The way Johnnie explains repair issues makes my clients feel confident about what needs to be done and the severity of the issues. Much appreciate his punctuality and thorough inspection.

Johnnie Smith is the best inspector I have every worked with. My clients all appreciate the thorough way he conducts the inspection and the quality of his reports. He never omits items that were found during the inspection because he takes notes while doing the inspection. He is patient and calm while explaining the condition of the property to my clients. He is punctual and returns phone calls. Highly respect him, Johnnie Smith is the best inspector in St. Louis.

As usual, Johnnie Smith did a thorough inspection for my client. I can trust Johnnie to take care of my client when I am not present. He educates and shares information in a way that is helpful and easy to understand. He points out repairs and maintenance items in such a way that the client is informed yet not fearful. He is reliable, professional, experienced, competent, on time, calm, patient, friendly, funny and efficient. I recommend him without reservation.

As usual, Johnnie Smith delivered a quality inspection. He is thorough and detailed, yet doesn't scare my clients to death with excessive minutiae. He is patient and helpful, answering questions without forgetting what he is examining. I love that he takes notes as he goes thru the property as not to forget anything. His reports are thorough and make sense. I am 100% confident in having my clients meet Johnnie without me being present. He is the best inspector I have ever met.

Johnnie is a Rock Star!!!

Johnnie Smith is the best inspector I have ever worked with. He is patient and thorough with my clients. He is knowledgeable and helpful. He tells it like it is but does not create unnecessary alarm. I appreciate the organization and systematic way he goes thru the home. I am never worried about something being overlooked or forgotten because he writes great notes.

Extremely, doesn't get better.

Johnnie is awesome!! We requested him specifically as he has done inspections on our last three homes and did a wonderful job! He is very thorough, explains things well and is engaging and polite. He has a comprehensive knowledge about codes and just about every aspect of what goes on in a home. We can not recommend him highly enough!

Johnnie the best inspector. My clients have confidence around his explanations. He is organized and doesn't lose track of what he is inspecting when my clients and I are talking to him. He knows what he is doing. He is punctual and very polite. I have no complaints about Johnnie Smith.

Johnnie is great! Very thorough and speaks in simple language!