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Indiana License #RTL00627
AARST-NRPP Certification #105422 RT

Thank you for stopping by. It is no secret, there are a lot of choices when searching for a reputable radon inspector; I am happy to tell you why I am one of the top in my field.

I hold an Indiana state license as a radon tester, and a testing lab. I am AARST-NRPP certified, serving clientele in all of Indiana. I test townhomes, condominiums, single family homes, multi-unit residential, apartment complexes, schools, and commercial properties. Be assured my test results are true; I test properties correctly, following the strict AARST, HUD, and US EPA protocols.

Prior to entering the inspection field in 2009, I worked solely as a full time licensed REALTOR. When the real estate market took a downturn I decided to expand my real estate expertise by additionally becoming a radon tester. My experience as a REALTOR has given me a well-rounded knowledge and the ability to interact comfortably on a peer-to-peer level with real estate agents and their clients that are involved with purchasing and selling properties.

If a radon test is needed, either for a real estate transaction or for personal information, call me at (317) 255-6217 or (800) 285-3001.

I'm looking forward to assisting you with your radon inspection needs!


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