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ASHI Certified Member # 207403
NEHA Radon # 102151 RT
Languages: English

Dana Aderman is a native of Colorado. He has performed over 7500 residential home inspections since 2001. Previously, Dana worked in Forestry in the Pacific Northwest and has an extensive knowledge of construction. Dana is well-respected and one of the most referred home inspectors in Colorado Springs.

He earned his Forestry Business Degree from Colorado State University.

When not inspecting, Dana enjoys hiking, biking and fly fishing. He’s a former 4-H instructor and coach of his son’s baseball team.

All of his inspections include:

  • 90-Day Major Component Guarantee
  • $10 Million in E&O Insurance Which Extends to the Referring REALTOR
  • Total Home Support - Home Resources, Recall Information and Advice
  • Our Superior Service Guarantee

Schedule Dana Aderman for an inspection by calling our office at 800-285-3001 or schedule online at www.bpgwi.com.

Dana does an amazing job. So thorough and always explaining everything he sees. I recommend him and BPG Inspection for all of my real estate clients.

Dana is the best inspector!

Dana did a great job and was fantastic to work with.

Dana is amazing! We don't like to use anyone but him if possible. Very knowledgeable and patient!

From what I can see at this point in time, I was pleased with the inspection. Dana Aderman was the inspector. He was professional, polite, arrived on time and took time to speak with me about various observations he made.

The buyers were completely satisfied and had a very good experience

Dana did a very thorough inspection and explained everything to my first time homebuyers in a clear and easy way. He also made them feel very comfortable with any issues he did find with the 35 year old home. It made it very easy for me to work through the inspection objection for safety items and an easy resolution.

We love using Dana as our Inspector- Never any worries! The only thing I would add is this- on our sewer scope- Main Line services didn't come with a long enough camera ability- I don't ever want that to happen- the company chosen must always come with equipment ready for every situation- having to go back and re do causes too many problems

Dana and BJ are always good inspectors.

Thank you Dana - we appreciate your attention to detail and helpful reports.

Dana was great with my first time home buyers and explained the functions of the home thoroughly to them

Dana is always professional and patient with ALL of my clients! It truly doesn't get better than him!

Dana is amazing! He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time needed with clients to answer their questions and show them the different aspects of the home. He is a true professional and such a great addition to our process with our clients. Thanks Dana for all you do!

Dana has inspected homes for me for many years as a real estate agent and my own home. I would recommend him highly. Better not lose him, he has a loyal following! The answer below is answered above,

Dana Aderman is by far the best inspector in the city!

Dana is very knowledgeable about homes and as important, he is superb at communication with the buyers.

Very thorough and efficient, explained all details

Dana is very thorough, trustworthy and always a pleasure to work with.

Dana Aderman was amazing. He was knowledgeable and we appreciated him taking time to explain and go over all aspects of the home. We would willing recommend his services to others.

Dana is our favorite inspector and always does a fantastic job for our buyers!

Dana was very helpful and willing to answer questions I had. He was thorough and easy to work with. I would use your services again.

The inspector, Mr. Dana Aderman, was expert, interactive, and verbally engaged, explaining many of the details involved with each aspect of the inspection. He visually showed the client the specifics of what he was looking for positively and negatively, and permitted the client to “tag along” during all the non-ladder / non-elevated portions of the inspection.