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Tim is a native of Michigan and has lived in the West Bloomfield area since 1986.

His experienced and background is in residential and commercial remodeling, new construction, and hotel construction and maintenance. He was a small business owner for over 8 years. He received his field training from experienced inspectors on BPG’s Michigan Team.

Tim is a backpacking enthusiast, mountain biking, spending time with his five children and wife. When on vacation, he enjoys snorkeling and boating. Once, he spent 11 days in the Arctic national wildlife refuge on a river trip down the Kongakut River on the north face of the Brooks Range (and can’t wait to do it again). He still enjoys remodeling and has a passion for finish trim and electrical work.

All of his inspections include:

  • 90-Day Major Component Guarantee
  • $10 Million in E&O Insurance Which Extends to the Referring REALTOR
  • Porch Home Assistant - Home Resources, Recall Information and Advice
  • Our Superior Service Guarantee

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Everything covered. Service with a smile.

So very thorough. MY cients loved Tim. They were greatful for his knowledge and thoughtfullness.

Tim Shamoun is an absolute all star. Extremely knowledge, very thorough, and a pleasure to work with. Tim goes out of way to be a resource for his clients and explains issues in an understandable manner. Best inspector i've worked with (have had four in the last 4 years alone).

Tim checks everything and walks me through it along the way. I wouldn't trust anyone else!

Tim Shamoun is the best. He did a great job and took his time explaining the results to my buyers.

Tim is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and helpful.

Both gentlemen were very professional and extremely knowledgeable! I appreciate how Tim explained everything to my client so clearly, and he welcomed our questions.

Tim is amazing.

Tim is amazing and is extremely knowledgeable

Ontime,quick,knowledgeable, and professional ??

Tim Shamoun is fantastic. Have used his services several times in 2021 and he never fails to provide fantastic service.

Smooth and concrete. Tim did amazing.

it was amazing.

very thorough.

Tim is amazing and so very thorough

Tim was very knowledgeable and thorough. Friendly and professional too!

Tim was great and very thorough. Thank you.

Tim was awesome! Very knowledgeable! Great client interaction and demeanor.

Very thorough, helpful and knowledgeable.

Our inspection was done by Tim Shamoun who is just amazing at what he does. He really did everything he can to make our inspection convenient for us.

very knowledgeable

Timely, detailed, friendly and knowledge were top notch.

Tim was very professional, prompt, thorough & did a great job managing client expectations by describing the differences between mountains and mole hills.

Tim was great, extremely personable and you can tell just by talking to him that he loves his job. Thanks a ton for all the information Tim!

Tim did great job explaining process and findings as we went through the property

Tim was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job explaining how things work and ways we can fix items that needed attention.