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ASHI Certified Inspector ACI.
Structural Engineer licensed P.E. State of Missouri

I have performed over nine thousand ASHI inspections

Licensed Wood Destroying Insect Inspector

Why pay for an extra inspection if there are structural issues in the house you are buying, or why be in the dark or fret over what you perceive to be a problem when it may not be. Why let contractors tell you when they have a vested interest in telling you what you need. When I perform your ASHI inspection, I also tell you what, if anything, is structurally wrong and why and what can be done about it. I can tell you if your foundation, floor structure, walls, roof structure, deck or retaining walls are in acceptable condition or if they do need repair what to do. I have also told many people that something they are concerned about is needless worry and is a non issue.

As part of your ASHI inspection experience, it is desirable for you to be present. That way, as I walk, I talk and you know what I am thinking about what is seen. Reading the report and looking at the photos is much clearer when you have participated in the experience. What you hear from me is not only what is in need of repair or maintenance, but also what I see that is better or an upgrade over what I have seen in other houses of similar style and age. Many times buyers will ask me for advice on removing all or part of a wall or creating new doorways or wider doorways. This is all part of my verbal inspection process.

Call me and benefit from almost 200 years of experience. No, not all mine, but then I have tapped the brains of my many "old" compatriots.

Several decades of home renovation experience.

Not just houses, also investment property.  I have inspecte hundreds, if not a thousand 2 and 4-family buildings

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e-mail: gerald.steinman@bpginspections.com
Want to learn more about what a home inspection covers? Check out the ASHI St Louis website

Gerald is always on time for his inspections. He has a well of knowledge and experience. He is also a structural engineer so it is a bonus.

Terrific insight from all the inspectors, explained each step and were willing to answer questions.


All the inspectors were great.

Gerry was very good about explaining everything going on about the house and he explained it in a very easy to understand way.

All of the inspectors were on time, respectful, knowledgable and answered all of my questions. I feel the quality was an A+.

The inspector was very thorough and patient in explaining his findings as he completed his inspection.

This is the second time we have had Gerald Steinman do an inspection for us. He is marvelous! Very thorough and informative. He even answered questions we had a few always later! Rare to find people like him, keep him, he is excellent!

I received a very thorough report and felt validated in the questions I asked.

Gerald was a great guy! Very thorough and knowledgeable! I am a first-time home buyer, and he explained everything and was super nice a friendly!

We were impressed with our inspector, Gerry. He did a good job and did a thorough report. We were also impressed with the cost estimator report. We were quite unimpressed with the gas inspection done by Stan Leonard. It was terse, hard to read, it claimed there were pictures of the items when none were in the report. The items he cited were not in the estimated cost report. That was a waste of money.

Gerald Steinman our inspector was amazing! Very thorough, and yet took the time to explain everything to us. We are seeing the house through new eyes.

My only complaint is I called and specifically requested for a call when you left the home so I could tell my elderly homeowners when to return. I did not receive the call when you were done. Otherwise, all was fine.

was clean and informative,

Jerry Was fantastic. Extremely professional and he explained things very well. Would highly recommend him to anyone having a home inspection.

WONDERFUL! This inspection went well, and Gerald is one of the most knowledgeable inspectors that we have come across!

I am a Realtor and have been using Gerry Steinman for many years. He is always prompt, does a very thorough inspection, and is excellent at explaining things to my buyers. Thank you!

Gerald was an amazing inspector. Answered all of our questions no matter how stupid they were. Provided insight and explanations during every step of the inspection, and left us with the comfort in purchasing our first home.

Gerald was very thorough and professional