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Virginia Licensed Home Inspector # 3380000622
Radon Certification # 106542RT
ASHI Certified Member # 261295
Certified Residential Thermographer
BPG Market Leader Northern Virginia

Ken is the BPG Inspection Market Leader and licensed inspector in Virginia. He has performed over 5,000 home inspections in Virginia and DC. He is a member of ASHI and is also certified to do termite inspections, radon inspections, pre-drywall, new construction, water testing, air quality testing and thermal imaging. Before becoming an inspector, Ken was in construction for over 25 years both in America and his home country of England. As a General Contractor in Virginia, Ken knows his way around a house and prides himself in keeping up with continual education in the inspection field to help people understand homes.

When Ken is not doing home inspections or fixing up his own home, he loves to spend time with his wife and their 2 sons. In his free time, (if he gets any) he likes to play golf, attend sporting events, and visit local wineries with friends.

All of his inspections include:

  •        90-Day Major Component Guarantee
  •        10 Million in E&O Insurance Which Extends to the Referring REALTOR
  •        Our Superior Service Guarantee

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Ken was great! He gives the clients just the right amount of information depending on their experience and knowledge. He is great to work with.

Ken Humphreys is superb. Working with my first time home buyers, he kept them motivated and moving and educated them the entire process through. He was just awesome.

Ken Humphries is the best! He's thorough, friendly and professional!

Ken was great-- thorough, competent, and kind.

Ken is one of the best inspectors I know. He is calm, professional, has a lot of knowledge and makes the buyers less nervous when they deal with home inspections. My clients and I loved working with Ken and give him 5 stars without any doubt!

Great job explaining the condition of the house and maintenance of it.

Our inspector Ken Humphreys was extremely knowledgeable and pointed out all of the issues he identified during the inspection. These line up with what was included with the actual report. We feel this was money well spent and will be using this as a reference guide to help us address the issues when we take posession of the property.

Always very professional and skilled in inspecting a home.

Ken is always top notch!

Ken is always thorough

Ken Humphreys- Very pleasant, and particular. Explained what he was doing and answered all question. We are very lucky to have him work on inspection. We will definitely use his service and recommend our friends if they need service. Thank you.

Very satisfied.

Ken is one of the best home inspectors I know!

Extremely satisfied with the attention to detail.

Ken was incredibly thorough, knowledgeable, and personable. We were absolutely satisfied with his inspection.

Ken is the best in the business. As an agent, he is who I always call and have referred him to clients and other agents.

Inspection was professional, detailed, and honest about the condition of the home. Giving clients a clear understanding of the issues is key.

Ken was fantastic and thorough. He walked us through potential major and minor issues and made us feel better about our contract. The report he issued was extremely thorough and very precise. I'm glad we know what we need to have repaired on the house. Definitely gave us confidence!

Ken was wonderful. He explained everything in detail and was very thorough.

Ken was absolutely wonderful and I really appreciated his time! He put my nerves at being a first-time home buyer at ease with his knowledge, thoroughness, humor, and willingness to answer questions.

Ken was excellent and very thorough. Ken was patient and took the time to explain to me step by step what he was inspecting and why.

The inspection was top notch, my clients felt that they could really trust Ken's finding's. He provided tons of valuable information

I've never used Ken before. He did an inspection for the buyer who I scheduled him with. I will be using Ken on future home inspections. He's amazing! Thorough, knowledgeable and great service!

We were extremely satisfied with Ken's home inspection for us. He was knowledgeable, friendly and offered us tons of insight into the house we were purchasing. We would highly recommend Ken to anyone looking for a thorough home inspection.

Ken is the best there is.

Ken was absolutely phenomenal. He explained everything I wanted and was very charismatic. The inspection was actually a really great experience.

Excellent job. Very detailed and very informative for the buyers and agent.

Ken was friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to answering my questions and providing a thorough and honest inspection of the property.

Ken did an amazingly thorough job with the inspection. He explained everything to us and answered any questions we had. He wasn't afraid to point out any and all things that should be fixed or updated.

I love working with Ken! He is a fantastic inspector. Professional, knowledgable and easy to talk to!

He was extremely thorough and carefully explained the various systems to us. We learned so much about our new house and how to maintain it in the future.

I have never had an inspector explain what he was doing or what he saw more plainly than Mr. Humphreys. I was grateful for his opinions and vision.

Ken was fantastic! He not only checked things very thoroughly, but also explained what he was doing every step of the way. As first time homebuyers, it gave us a great deal of confidence moving forward.

Ken is a fabulous inspector who is fast, yet thorough. He has a great sense of humor and my clients love him.

Ken was incredible. This was our first home inspection and Ken took us through everything and explained it in fine detail. I cannot recommend him enough, if we are ever in the need of inspection services again, Ken is our one and only choice!

Very attention to detail and worked really well with Mold Expert Contractor during the inspection. Did a great job with educating all of us when we reviewed the house.

Ken is a marvelous inspector, keeps you informed all the way, and helps clients understand the findings. I would recommend him to everyone!

Ken was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. We feel so much more comfortable moving into our new home thanks to his advice and inspection.

Ken is amazing! He is very knowledgeable and always takes the times to explain everything to the customer. His reports are very detailed and he gives the customer a check off list for future items to be completed, as well as urgent items to be taken care of immediately. Ken is awesome with the clients as he has a great personality.

Inspector was exceptionally thorough and conscientious, assured that we understood all of the findings and the appropriate actions to take in response. Report was easy to understand.

Very professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. As a first time home buyer, his explanations were invaluable and it was a delightful experience.


Great experience. The individuals explained each area of what they were checking so that I understood. Hey walked me through what they were checking, why and how. Also answered my many questions and took the time to address my concerns. Very also very thorough and detailed. I feel very safe Keith my home inspection after seeing how they did their jobs.

Ken was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly, he took the time to explain everything, making sure I understood and giving me the time to ask questions, as first time home buyer this is the time where you get to know the heart of your new home and having someone to walk you through that so you can become a little more familiar with all of that it's priceless, Thank you Ken!

The entire process, from beginning to end was a very positive experience. It could not have gone any smoother. Ken Humphries is personable, professional and thorough in every way.

Ken, as usual, was thorough, patient, and clearly explained the expected life time for the various appliances, roof, and plumbing. My customer was very pleased with the experience.

Ken did a fantastic job of explaining the inspection process and his findings. He was extremely professional and personable.

All of my clients have been very impressed and pleased with Ken and for the service that he provides.

Ken is great. My clients love him. His delivery is perfect and he is a straight shooter with clients and puts them at ease.

My client loved Ken's explanations of what he found, and how to take care of her new home.

Very thorough and very informative. Ken took his time to ensure we understood what he was checking, why he was checking, and what the concerns were around any of his findings. He was also good at explaining to us what potential options there were to the various items of note or concern.

Ken was excellent, thorough and very professional from start to finish.

Ken was informative, professional, and highly knowledgeable of all aspects/features/equipment of the home (interior and exterior). We learned quite a bit during his inspection and he was very friendly and courteous throughout. If we had 10 homes that needed inspection, we'd ask him to do them all. Excellent service!

Ken is the best. Plain & simple.

Ken was amazing! My buyer is a first time home buyer and he really took his time explaining everything and all the needed repairs. I will definitely use Ken in the future and will refer him to other colleagues. Thank you so much!

I absolutely loved Ken our HI. He was very thorough and explained things well. He also had an awesome sense of humor which I appreciated since obviously buying a home is stressful.

Ken is the best.

Ken was thorough as always and my client left very happy.

Ken Humphreys conducted my home inspection. He is very knowledgeable and takes pride in his work. I am very appreciative that he took the time to answer all my questions. I would recommend him and will use his services in the future.

Great inspection! Ken was very informative and helped explain things to my first-time buyer client.

Ken was perfect. He was very informative and factual. He did not try to scare the buyer, but actually put them at ease about several concerns.

Ken was amazing!! So friendly and thouough. No stone was left unturned :-) HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Ken is the best there is, plain & simple.

Ken Humphrey's is amazing. He is very knowledgeable and detailed oriented. He points out things that I simply would never notice. He always takes the time to explain everything and I never feel rushed. I will definitely be using him again and will recommend him to my colleagues and clients.

We had 3 inspections with your company, 2 with Ken Humphrys and 1 with Brad Lowery. Both were excellent! Highly recommend!

Ken is my go-to inspector.

Ken was very thorough in explaining to my clients all the systems. He also gave many suggestions on maintaining a home in a safe manner.

Ken was very knowledgeable about the inspection and educated my wife and I as he did the inspection. He was polite and hard working. Thanks Ken!

Ken did a great job explaining his findings.

Ken is fantastic! Always on time, thorough and professional. He is especially good with first time home buyers because he takes the added/needed time to slowly and methodically go over everything!

Ken Humphreys did our inspection and he was great. Frank, detailed, and funny, he walked us through each step of the inspection and encouraged any and all questions. Was very professional and very knowledgeable.

Ken does a great job with both agent and client communication and education.

My inspection was performed by Ken and he was absolutely wonderful. Very thorough and helpful, while taking the time to answer all of my questions and make sure I understood all that he mentioned. He was very patient and helped me feel confident that my first home purchase was a good one, with his expertise! Thank you!

Ken is a Great home inspector!

Ken Humphreys was AWESOME! Answered all my questions, and showed me what to look for as a homeowner! Very professional and knowledgeable!

Ken is great except for his funny accent

I found Ken to be very thorough

Ken is a great inspector! He is professional, thorough, and honest, but is not an alarmist. I appreciate that, especially with first time buyers. He makes sure they understand any issues, but does not scare them with uncertain possibilities. My clients feel secure and he makes my job as an agent much easier, as well!

Ken is an amazing inspector. He did a great job explaining to me and my client what we were looking at. He made my client feel very at ease which as a realtor we all strive for. The report came later that evening which was also very detailed yet easy to digest.

Ken is always amazing and makes buyers feel comfortable.

Ken does a Great Job! Super personable, detail oriented and explains along the entire inspection process. Ken gets 10 out of 10!

Ken is super sharp. He catches everything and gives you very helpful tips as you walk through the house. On top of that, he generates the reports incredibly quick. Would definitely recommend him

Ken was very helpful. Provided a thorough walk-thru with recommendations as to what needed to be done. Answered all of my questions. Very friendly and thoughtful. Even provided information on the surrounding area of the condo which I found to be very useful.

This was well done.

Ken Humphreys is fantastic and very personable! He explained everything clearly and concisely and pointed out everything we needed to take note of during the inspection. Love the accent, as well.

Ken was great! He was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to answer any questions I had. The inspection was not rushed and I appreciated him taking the time to review everything inside the home.

Ken Humphreys was extremely professional, knowledgeable and very thorough with the inspection. He took time to go over explaining every aspect of the inspection and pointing out issues in detail and easy to understand terms. The inspection report was completed and emailed to us the same day.

Ken was great to work with!

Ken Humphreys did my home inspection today and it was a great experience. He is very knowledgable and explains everything thoroughly. I felt like I really understood the details I needed to and what to expect in the near and distant future with the house. He was professional, friendly, and polite and I would certainly recommend him to a friend or family member buying a home. He definitely went above and beyond and is clearly passionate about his work. Thank you!!

Ken is super thorough throughout the entire inspection. Great customer facing and great with walking the customer through the inspection. Ken does a really good job and super happy with his professionalism.

Love Ken. He always does an amazing job. Thorough and efficient every time I work with him.

Cannot rave about Ken enough! Excellent home inspector - thorough, efficient, and always on time.

The inspection was a helpful, informative, and positive experience, thanks to the high degree of expertise, professionalism, and sharing of information by our inspector, Ken Humphreys. We would highly recommend Ken to others.

Ken Humphreys was amazing! He was very thorough with the inspection and explained everything clearly to me in a way that I could understand as a first-time homeowner. He also completed the home inspection report and sent it to me in just three hours! I highly recommend him for any home inspection needs.

Ken was extremely knowledgeable and personable - I feel like I learned a lot, and the whole experience was honestly pretty fun.

The home inspector Ken Humphreys is knowledgeable and thorough.

Ken, as always does an amazing job explaining the finings to clients

10+ years in real estate, and Ken Humphries remains #1 in professionalism, knowledge and most of all client and customer understanding and care. Ken knows real estate and understands buyer's concerns. I have and will continue to follow Ken no matter what franchise he is affiliated with.

Ken was very knowledgeable. All of the explanations and reasoning, for the things that were found, were clear and concise.

Ken was a fantastic inspector. Very knowledgable and explained all finding very clearly. Greatly appreciated.

Ken does an excellent job. He is very knowledgeable, courteous, thorough and does not scare the client!

Ken explained in great detail each item on the inspection as we went through the house. He did a great job

Ken is the BEST! My clients think he's great!

Ken is my go-to and has been for 4 years. My clients love him and so do I!

Ken Humphreys is the best! Really helps to educate the Buyers throughout the process.

Ken Humphreys is a proven, skilled and thorough professional. His inspections year after year are always straight to the point, factual and complete. He goes above and beyond gives his best projections and stands head and shoulders in his industry over other inspectors. As an agent I have used and referred Ken many times. He is roundly a Buyer's teacher. Gives fair, accurate non-dramatic insights with practical real world actions and costs to address issues. His reports are thorough &

Great inspector. He is very thorough and great at explaining any questions I had. I would definitely recommend this inspector to anyone.

Ken was thorough, explained everything clearly, and helped me feel comfortable with understanding his findings. I have the utmost confidence now moving forward about what should be done.

Ken was very professional and efficient, he took time to explain anything I had questions about as well as what he was performing or looking for. I can absolutely trust the inspection and appreciate the honesty and transparency of the report.

Ken was fantastic! He explained everything as we went along, answered my questions and addressed my concerns.

Very impressed with the detaild home inspection i received. i would highly recommend Ken and this company to all my family and friends.

BPG provides a thorough and educational inspection.

Inspector explained everything along the way and answered all of my questions and concerns.

Ken is so knowledgeable and helpful (and hilarious!).