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Ron Cress is a Registered Architect (AR00910076) that accumulated ten years of valuable building design and construction experience, before becoming a full time inspector in 1994. Ron is highly qualified to provide thorough and sensible inspection services.

Ron has acquired specialized home and commercial inspection education through numerous professional licensing seminars and American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) seminars. Ron is committed to maintaining the highest level of knowledge and qualifications through professional continuing education.

Ron Cress has 22 years of property inspection experience and has inspected over 7,725 properties. His property inspection services consist of existing residential (70%), new construction residential (15%), and existing small commercial (15%). Ron is a Certified Radon Gas Tester (00108), a Licensed Termite Inspector (F32226), and a MIBOR Affiliate Member (23061). Ron provides all common ancillary services associated with residential sales and inspections.

As a Residential Construction Code Inspector, Ron provides highly recommended three phase new construction inspections. He conducts residential building code and quality of workmanship inspections on new home construction, at the foundation, framing/utility rough-in, and final phases of home construction.

As an Indiana Licensed Home Inspector (HI00500168), Ron is sensitive to the stress associated with important real estate transactions. He strives to minimize the buyer’s anxiety through his lighthearted demeanor and sensible discussion of property conditions. Ron has the construction knowledge and inspection experience to clarify how common place a particular property condition is. He tries to convey reasonable expectations for a particular property age. Ron strives to “inform not alarm” clients.

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Ron is my absolute favorite inspector, he is reliable, timely, informative, trustworthy, etc etc etc

Inspector was very knowledgeable and explained finding to me.

Ron was very helpful, as he not only showed me the items of concern, but also gave me things to 'pay attn' to in the future.