8 Reasons To Get a Home Inspection

A Current Trend…

In the housing market today is the wave of homebuyers choosing to opt out of their home inspections. Unfortunately, there are various reasons why people choose to waive their home inspections before purchasing a home.

Many of these reasons are usually centered around the increasing competition of buyers per home,  inflation, and to make for a quicker buying process. However, is waiving the home inspection the wisest idea when purchasing a property? Here are eight major reasons why it’s not!

1. Exposes Hidden Safety Issues Before They Worsen

Inspections expose both the noticeable and hidden issues of a property. Qualified and trained home inspectors are experienced in identifying the potential threats to a home, which comes in handy! If there are any “hidden” or overlooked issues present, they are bound surface with a thorough examination from a professional set of eyes.

Take this crawlspace, for example. Bouncy floors, moldy smells, and sudden humidity in the home can be a sign of decaying wood floor joists in the crawlspace.


2. Provides An “Out” During the Home Buying Process

A thorough home inspection can reveal some seriously concerning information about the condition of a home. This is imperative during the home buying process, because it can provide an “out” for the potential home buyer and allow them to back out of the process if they wish.

Accepting an “out” prevents a buyer from committing to a property that may possess significant issues or require costly repairs.

The truth is, without an inspection, many issues likely won’t be discovered until after purchase. Concerns that arise after purchase could have been revealed, negotiated, or even avoided entirely had an inspection been conducted first.


3. It Can Be Used As A Negotiation Tool

Inspections can serve as a negotiation tool. As an inspection reveals the current condition of a property, this can provide the opportunity to have things repaired, replaced, or removed before moving forward with a purchase. Remember, the negotiating opportunity with the seller is voided when the buyer waives their inspection!


4. Can Forecast Any Needed Repair Costs

It’s always good to be aware of how much something might cost, especially before committing to it. Having that understanding upfront can provide time for proper planning and preparation. The same is true for homes!

According to Mortgagereports.com, a home inspection saves the average buyer around around $14,000 on their home purchase! By citing any needed repairs, agents can save their clients thousands of dollars that they would have paid otherwise.

Our team of inspectors cover a wide range of services. By having a professional examine your property they are able to determine and share a handful of helpful information that will allow you to make more informed decisions about your property.

Being aware of the remaining lifespan of an appliance or determining how much a certain repair might cost you ahead of time, before it’s too late, can make the world of a difference when making big decisions regarding your home!


5. Inspectors Visit The Areas You Don’t Want To

Unfortunately, not every area in a home is as inviting as the kitchen or the family room. In fact, some people intentionally go out of their way to avoid seeing some of the darker, less visited, spaces of their home. The bright side to this relatable truth is that the inspector doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty!

Not only will most inspectors wiggle their way into a crawl space, climb the heights of roofs, or visit a seemingly abandoned attic, but they will also provide the current condition of that space in the inspection report. Convenience, in addition to a professional set of eyes, is often worth the investment!


6. Provides Insight on Protecting Your Investment

Having an inspection can teach you how to protect your investment! During your inspection, take advantage of the knowledgeable resource that is your home inspector! These professionals are equipped with the knowledge that can help a homeowner maintain and even extend the life of their home, which can ultimately save you thousands of dollars over time. So don’t be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS about your property.


7. Gives An Honest Evaluation Of Your Home

A thorough examination of your property better equips you to make more informed decisions about your home in the future. It can also help you to financially prepare for any repair costs associated with your home before getting too comfortable! Inspectors can also gauge the remaining lifespan of important functions of your home. Such functions can include roof durability, HVAC systems, siding, and even gutter efficiencies.


8. Creates Peace of Mind

An inspection can either make or break peace of mind during and after the home buying process! The risk of encountering unwanted surprises are high when a property is purchased without an inspection first.

Unwanted surprises such as a leaky ceiling, damaged HVAC system, or mold infestation are issues that could have been revealed during the inspection. Choosing to waive an inspection is also agreeing to move forward with any and all property issues before you are even aware of what they may be, and that could cost you thousands. Don’t learn the hard way!

If you or someone you know is in need of a property inspection, please visit BPG’s EZ Order platform for a quick and easy scheduling process with one of our professional inspectors in your local area today!